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ANOTHER 5 songs that you've probably forgot about until you read this article

Another 5 Songs that you’ve probably forgot about until you read this article

By: Brian Cotnoir

Hello friends, how have you been?  Continuing my series I attempt to retrigger the memories of certain songs and musical acts from not too long ago, so I can bring on a feeling nostalgic euphoria.  Now, I’ve talked multiple times in the past about One-Hit Wonders on the blog, and attempt to figure out why makes them one-hit wonders, and discuss how it is possible we can actually forget some of these tracks for so long, and one day randomly think about it, and wait for the flood of memories to come back.   Well I’m hoping once again to attempt to help you recapture some of those feelings right now. 

1.) C’est la vie by B*Witched

This is the song that actually inspired this list.  You see the other day I was having a co-worker, and at the end they just through their hands up in the air and said the term “C’est la vie” (French for “such is life”) and then the next thing you know I’m walking through the halls singing “say you will/say you won’t/say you’ll do what I don’t/say you’re true/say to me c’est la vie”.  Yes “C’est la vie” the one hit song from the Irish girl group B*Witched.  You probably remember this song from the Disney Chanel original TV movie “Smart House”, you know the one where the boy wins the robotic house, that’s voiced by Katy Segal, and then he reprograms it, and she goes all Hal-9000 on them?  See a double Nostalgia Whammy for you, you’re welcome.  It’s clear that B*Witched was trying to be like the Irish equivalent of the Spice Girls, but they came way up short, and I think they have more in common with the A-Teens then they do the Spice Girls.  Still not a bad song though.

2.) Crazy for this Girl by Evan and Jaron

Before the airwaves were dominated with faux-sensitive, soft sing, piano playing whiny babies like Lukas Graham and Charlie Puth, there faux-sensitive soft singing, guitar playing fools like Evan and Jaron.  I will give these twin brothers some credit, this was a really catch song, and you got the feeling that they actually were trying to write a good song and not just some commercial pandering love ballad.  I haven’t really heard much about them as of late, but I had a friend in college who told me that Jaron has since gone solo and now performs as a Country act.  I’m not really into country music, but I can only hope that for those who go to see him perform live that he breaks out this song he wrote and performed with his brother at the end of his set.

3.) If you’re not the one by Daniel Bedingfield

     For the longest time I—along with many other people—thought that this was a song by Savage Garden, but years later I learned that it was not Savage Garden who wrote and performed this song, but rather a British singer/songwriter by the name of Daniel Bedingfield who is the brother of Brit-Pop Singer, Natasha Bedinfield.   Well, when you have a more famous sibling, and a majority of people think that a song you wrote and performed was played by another group, you can’t really expect to have much of a music career, and I think Daniel Bedingfield should be happy that his career made it this far.

4.) Handlebars by Flobots

I know people who absolutely despise Rap and Hip-Hop music, but still thoroughly enjoy and will sing the lyrics to the song “Handlebars” by Flobots.  I can’t really blame them, the song starts off simple guitar riff, and just gets louder and more bombastic as it gets on.  It’s a song that tells the story of two different paths taken by friends to become somebody in the world, and you know what it’s super catchy, enjoyable, relatable, has message that I think we all can understand, and you know what: if you don’t like this song, I think there’s something really wrong with you.

5.) Together Again by Janet Jackson

I feel like a lot people forget that Janet Jackson was an accomplished singer in her career.  You don’t really hear a lot of people talk about her musical career, when compared to her famous brother Michael, and her other brothers in the Jackson 5.  Even when people do talk about Janet Jackson, it’s mostly about her early tracks, but she was still making good music even in the late 90’s.  One such example of her great songwriting comes from the song “Together Again”, a ballad that was transformed into a Pop song.  It’s a song she—supposedly—wrote to deal with the grief after losing a good friend of hers to AIDS, but surprisingly has an optimistic beat and melody to it.  I feel like when some people are sad their first instinct is to play out their emotions with something sad and somber like Adele to help them get through whatever it is they are dealing with, but I honestly think Janet Jackson’s “Together Again” would be a much better choice, because you could not only sing along to it, but you can also dance your bad feelings out to it as well.

So there you have it Another 5 songs that you’ve probably forgot about until you read this article.  Did this list bring back any fond memories for you?  What are some other songs that you feel like people forget about too often?  Let me know in the comment section, and as always thanks for reading and be sure to check out some of our other articles on Asylum for Nerds

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